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Earth Care

Our effort in taking care of the environment…
All areas of Falcon Court have been equipped with high efficiency, good quality, energy saving light.
This is brighter and uses a fraction of the energy consumed by conventional lighting systems in use before.
Falcon Court has a low-flow plumbing system enabling water conservation.
No electric pumps are used to distribute water, thus saving on electrical resources too.
  Indoor air quality
Every area of Falcon Court is naturally ventilated. This enables zero consumption and cleaner air.
  Land use
Malta has scarce land. Falcon Court occupies a small footprint and every square inch of space has been used wisely.
  Cleaning Supplies
All apartments are cleaned with minimal amount of selected cleaning products.
Mainly: vinegar, cream cleaner & bleach
  Towel / Linen Reuse
These are changed at minimal frequency to reduce energy and detergents required for daily washings.
Clean ambience and fresh air should be the key. However, when needed a small amount of Air Freshener is used.
Unfortunately we still have to overcome issues related to this matter.
We have no recycling programs addressing glass, bottles, paper, cardboard, etc.
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